A Heart For Ministry

The HNH Sanctuary goes beyond helping the voiceless and powerless animals that have been shunned by society. We believe that as Christians we are not solely called to the welfare of humans, rather all of creation; humanity, animals, and earth. 

In Genesis 1:26-28, God grants that humanity is to have dominion over the earth and all of it’s creatures, just as God has dominion over the earth and all of His creation. Our finest example of how to govern and care for creation is reflected in Jesus, with His will, served with a kind and just hand. Through Jesus we have learned that His commands are filled with love, patience, kindness, and forgiveness, leaving none at the wayside. Animals and the earth falls to humans to care for, therefore, what better example of how to care for them than Jesus Himself? Christ sought out the broken, defenseless, and outcasted, and we must do the same. 

Today there are millions upon millions of creatures being abused, starved, and neglected; cruelly and unfairly treated by the people that have failed them. Christians must move beyond just management of His creations and into acting through The Spiritual Acts of Mercy and The Corporal Acts of Mercy for any creature that is suffering. In a world where shelters are overflowing, animals are inhumanly slaughtered by the masses, and exotics are drugged or beaten for human entertainment, we are meant to do more. These merciful calls bring forth Jesus’s way to heaven through the Beatitudes. The beatitudes cultivate and directly reflect the heart of Christ, the level of Christianity that we work endlessly to achieve. 

Through HNH Sanctuary, God has clearly breathed life into bringing groups and individuals from all walks of life, especially local congregations, to respond in humility in order to intimately care for the broken creatures we rescue, all while being moved by His will and goodness. Humanity is called to be literal Shepards of the newly rescued animals and wash their feet as the blessed and loved creatures they truly are. Through this, we grow closer to His love. In brokenness, we are at our most vulnerable for God to enter into our lives. In humbling ourselves to cater our society’s lowest and abused, we become equal and empathetic of what we once looked down on. The spiritual transformations in animal welfare allows us to seek God’s pure intentions for our lives, therefore, revealing His purpose for each of us, as He works in us while we work with our furry brothers and sisters. From there, we are armed with the tools to act according to His will and can spread His goodness to humanity beyond the HNH community, in an act of fulfillment for our lives.


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