2019: Move To Utah

On August 22nd, The HNH Sanctuary is relocating to Utah, in the Salt Lake City area, but we need your help to do it!

Utah Bound

The entire HNH Sanctuary is moving to Utah to expand our horizons. As of right now, HNH has a $500 vet bill needing payment for our annual visit that came early due to an unexpected vet call. However, we also have another $500 to spend for teeth floating and coggins tests for moving across state lines. Our long term plan is to find a location to start the official sanctuary where we will be taking on more high risk horses and animals. Until then, we have found a spectacular, hands-off place to board our current three and, perhaps, another once we are fully on our feet. However, boarding means the nonprofit is taking on significantly more monthly finances. So, we need your help!

Our Initial Costs:

  • $1,000 in vet bills

  • $2,400 for hauling

  • $900 for firsts month board

  • $500 for needed items (hay, halter padding, containers, etc.)

How you can help!

HNH will be needing, not only help for the move, but also the months following. Until we get settled and can get focused on expansion, we need help covering our vet costs, initial coasts, and new monthly expenses. Here is how you can help:

Please do not worry if you’re unable to help financially!

Sharing media or simply being supportive means the world to us.

Thank you all for making this journey possible through your love and support. Your help ensures Autumn, Norman, and Lila a happy, cared-for, and safe life with The HNH Sanctuary.

Fundraising Status: 1,080/5,000