Mission Statement

The HNH Sanctuary exists to rehabilitate and promote the new welfare of rescued animals on a local and digitally global scale. By rehabilitating with and educating in the local communities, HNH can reach our goal of a more animal conscious and personally fulfilled society.

Our Topics


According to the ASPCA, nearly 140,000 horses are trucked across American boarders to be slaughtered for human and animal consumption. Roughly 200,000 die or are euthanized from neglect. Countless are abused or inadequately cared for in and out of competitive practices or uneducated facilities and homes. Similarly, 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year in the USA alone. Some are killed due to medical or behavioral issues that have risen from owners failing to meet the needs of their pets. While most die because shelters are too full. Countless are suffering at the hands of people unwilling to provide or are uneducated about adequate animal care. Educating on the realities of animal suffering is the first step to fixing it.


Emotionally. Physically. Animals experience the same struggles from abuse and instability as humans do...They are just more honest and direct with how they are feeling than most of us. And just like each person, every animal deserves to have a forever home that fills its needs. Very few animals are too far gone to never have the opportunity of a stable life. HNH is experienced and willing to mend the fresh wounds that rescues often bring with them. From the physical injuries to the emotional scars, we are open armed and more than willing to help heal with a community ready to do the same. 

making a difference

Every life matters. At HNH, we stand by doing right and making a significant difference in each life that we can. By supporting HNH, you are allowing us the possibility to impact, not only the animals we take in, but also the next family that companion gets to love. Every step of kindness is a ripple effect of love and compassion. Standing with us gives us the much needed push and ability to continue to share our mission and testimonies. And soon, the fullest promise, giving hands on opportunities to those in need with creatures looking for the same things, will come to frutition. 

ResponSIBLE pET oWNERship

At any age and any level of animal experience, there is always something more that we can learn to better the lives of the animals we know or care for. Each animal is an individual and has his or her own specific needs that should be met. Meeting communities where they are is a chance to educate the new and old school thoughts of pet ownership. All ages are able to learn animal safety, explore health, community, and exposure. Not to mention the importance of spaying/neutering and healthy diets. Our biggest focus here is to educate animal owners about exposing their horses and dogs to "more". More puppy playdates. More trail rides. More desensitization to the "scary world" around them is key to an animal being calm and successful.


HNH is dedicated to furthering the heart of Christian beatitudes and the truth that through Jesus Christ we are made full. Our focus lays in coming before Him in our most broken and most humble of states, in order to be raised to new life in Him. Through humble and uncomplicated seeking, along with selfless serving, His intentions for us are made clear. Currently, we are coming to congregations for public sermons. Sharing the HNH testimonies is our best avenue for declaring our message of grace in humility. Soon, HNH will become a hands on, unique, and selfless bonding experience between creatures and creator, one where God can freely move in willing hearts as they heal through His will.

Personal Growth

Life is enviably difficult. We are imperfect humans that can often battle with depression, mourning, anxiety, hopelessness, unsureness, and a plethora of other burdens. Luckily, HNH stands for not only those severely struggling with happiness but also, those in transitional periods of life that just need time. Animal therapy, through patiently working with rescues, uncovers the areas that we need healing (anger, sadness, distrust, etc.) and allows us to work on the strengths we all need to develop more (kindness, patience, empathy, etc.). Only once we recognize these things can we live up to our fullest potential.