Rescuing and rehabilitating since 2016. Today, we continue to rescue while advocating for animal welfare and the benefits of their therapy for our local comminities.

Based out of Southern California, The Hn'H Sanctuary has developed from humble beginnings, blossoming out of love. It only took one choice to change the trajectory of two lives in need, later touching the lives of many. Autumn, a feral, emaciated and neglected yearling was accidentally rescued by Founder, Kaitlyn "Kait" Cruz back in October of 2016. Out of heartbreak came this union and from that developed overwhelming joy and healing between the two. Over social media, their bond took friends, family, and strangers on their journey of growth and development. Kait, learning how to cope with mourning and Autumn learning how to trust for the first time, created a story that was able to touch every corner of life. Their story was proof of what selflessness, compassion, and understanding could do for two souls searching for just that in return. 

Today, HNH has grown to add an off-the-track Thoroughbred, Norman, and a large miniature pony, Lila. Both of whom are set to stay with the organization for the rest of their lives, spreading the messages that HNH has to offer through our social media and one day, a large sanctuary. Both stories were once filled with fear, abuse, and starvation. Miraculously, both horses have learned the tools necessary to pursue forms of outreach; one in the equestrian pleasure riding world and one in ministry and youth outreach. Read about their individual stories here. HNH was inspired by the bond made between Autumn and Kait but, spurred by the severity of both Norman and Lila's cases.

The year 2018 has a lot in store for The HNH Sanctuary. First, we had set a goal of becoming an 501(c)3, hopefully by the second half of the year. We hit this mark on June 5th, 2018! And thanks to all of our supporters we are on track to growing into our mission fully. Currently, are in the beginning phases of our public ministry outreach. We hope touch the lives and faithfulness of many with our horse's testimonies of triumph over fear, abuse, and neglect and help others to experience the healing powers of patience, selflessness, and compassion. As well as, teach our surrounding communities about the importance of responsible pet ownership, rescue, and the animal industries, all while helping to develop local outlets for peers to get involved in. By the end of 2018, we are aiming to be on our new property, one where we can open up to the public to give them hands on experiences with our sanctuary and adoptable horses and hounds. 


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